The Future of Health Information Management.

Experience, security, quality and commitment are only a few words to describe what we bring to your organization. With over 30 years of experience providing secure, compliant and reliable Release of Information (ROI) solutions to hospitals and clinics across the country, you can also add “integrity” to that list. At DMRS we continuously strive to increase your efficiency, decrease your costs and improve patient satisfaction through our emphasis on customer service, quality assurance and expedited work flows. We understand that behind every request you receive is a patient - your patient.

Our Team

When it comes to assembling a team we realize that a team represents much more than a group of talented employees. We look for individuals who have a genuine interest in helping people and learning their job. Our employees are passionate about the work they do and strive to make a difference by ensuring that the foundations of our industry - security, compliance, and quality - are met with a friendly smile and a comfortable experience.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is more than just talk when it comes to the needs of our industry. Successful ROI comes with uniformity and process control. It comes with oversight and our promise to you that “every page of every document will go through our multi-step Quality Assurance process.” From internal scrutiny to regular training we provide top-tier quality at every stage of our ROI process.

Security & Compliance

Patient privacy is more critical than ever and we take it seriously. Security and compliance is found in the technology that we use, data protection, our QA process and of course, in our experienced team of employees who view protection of your patients’ personal information as their number one priority. DMRS helps by taking time to review every request through a multi-step process to ensure items such as sensitive information or misfiled labs and reports are not mistakenly released. With our help, we ensure all record releases are compliant and without breaches.

Fair Billing Practices

Sure, DMRS is a business, but we also consider ourselves partners with your hospital or clinic. As such, we’ve designed our business with the mindset of Fair Billing Practices. Meaning that we are not out for the “big buck.” We try to keep our costs below the state allowed rate for patients. We can do this by retaining strong talent and having excellent quality control systems which help to seamlessly run our business without hiccups.