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Our job is to make your job easier. Let us take care of the ROI so your staff can focus on their core competencies. We provide our clients with a comprehensive set of solutions that are custom-designed to meet each of their individual needs. From our multiple release of information (ROI) service models to HIPAA compliance and audit support, we have the service specifications that you require. From the moment you contact DMRS, you will understand the priority we put on our services and in our working relationship with clients.


Release of Information
Advancing the Exchange of Protected Health Information At DMRS, we provide you with customizable HIPAA compliant solutions that reduce breach risk, increase productivity and retain revenue by eliminat
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Shared ROI
Our Shared ROI service enables hospitals and health systems to manage and process medical record requests more efficiently using our industry leading and unique bi-directional web-based ROI platform.
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Remote ROI
The Experience and Reliability You Need Our remote ROI service model, Virtual REP, was created to simplify the ROI process while improving your efficiency, patient satisfaction and profitability. Util
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Audits & Reviews
Reduce Headaches & Increase Productivity DMRS can help manage your RAC, HEDIS, commercial or government audit requests and we can process those at no cost to you. As part of our ROI offering, DMRS
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The Stringent Levels of Compliance & Security Our Industry Requires Compliance and security are a top priority at DMRS and we provide several internal solutions to ensure that your patients’ rec
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Our Strategy


Pleasant, knowledgeable, well trained and customer-service-above-all-else type employees.


Many of our services are designed so that they can be offered at no cost to your office.


Diversified serves as a protective layer between your office and potential fines.


Diversified also helps by taking the time to review every request multiple times.