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Reduce Headaches & Increase Productivity

DMRS can help manage your RAC, HEDIS, commercial or government audit requests and we can process those at no cost to you. As part of our ROI offering, DMRS can shield you from these distractions while streamlining the process and reducing your costs. Our trained ROI specialists follow all HIPAA and OCR guidelines ensuring that your submissions are secure and compliant. We have decades of experience assisting large healthcare organizations and hospitals with their HEDIS requests as well as helping small to large clinics cope with the increasing volumes of requests during audit season.

Audit Relief

  • img Risk Mitigation – Our multi-step QA process establishes best practices for PHI disclosures, which ensures security, compliance, and accuracy while limiting risk to your organization.
  • imgAccounting of Disclosures – Indexing of all requests through a multi-step process including tracking that reduces and eliminates breach risk and associated penalties.
  • imgSpecialists – HIPAA trained and qualified ROI representatives securely and efficiently process all requests, which drastically enhances workflow.
  • imgTime Savings – You focus on other daily prioritized tasks while we fulfill the audit requests for you.

Getting Started

At DMRS, we offer a seamless implementation process that is easy and hassle free. With more than 30 years of experience, our team works with all types of healthcare facilities and can integrate with any EHR to provide solutions to fit your specific needs. When you partner with DMRS you’re not only acquiring a service to handle your record release needs, you are attaining the necessary resources required to ensure compliance, quality control and customer satisfaction. Simply contact one of our ROI consultants today to discuss how you can take advantage of our benefits.

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