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Ryan Hallman Named Vice President of AHIOS

Diversified Medical Records Services (DMRS) is excited to announce that Ryan Hallman has been named Vice President of the Association of Health Information Outsourcing Services (AHIOS). Ryan serves as

Technology Considerations for the Rest of 2020

In addition to the burden of COVID-19, health care facilities are being faced with a new wave of targeted cyberattacks brought on by telehealth systems and remote work. With the adoption of new techno

Balancing Patient Access & Privacy

Health care regulations in the US are constantly changing to provide patients with greater access to their electronic health data. The 21st Century Cures Act, which was scheduled to take effect on Nov

Designated Record Set & Legal Health Record

This is a basic educational course on the Designated Record Set and Legal Health Record. This course provides the definition of each term, the purpose and use including interconnection of each term ba

HITECH Patient Rates

There has been a lot of discussion about HITECH rates after HHS provided guidance in mid-2016. There has also been a lot of confusion with many believing that the only option is the flat rate of $6.50