About Us

About DMRS

Thirty years of experience and counting…


Diversified Medical Records Services (DMRS) was founded over 30 years ago following my experience in helping to build Hospital Correspondence Copiers (HCC). While HCC went on to become one of the nation’s largest copying services, I used the knowledge I gained to build the premier boutique-style ROI company – DMRS. I learned that hiring reliable people, providing consistent training, and developing relationships through customer service are the hallmarks of a successful company.

Diversified takes great care in protecting patient information as well as efficiently releasing that information upon request. We understand that to your patients, ROI is a reflection of you as well as it is a reflection of us. That’s why when your patient leaves your offices, they do so with a smile.

-Chris Hallman-

Our Mission

At DMRS, we believe in thinking differently about the ROI process by transforming the ways in which Protected Health Information (PHI) is disclosed and exchanged. For over 30 years our job has been providing health information managers and their requesters with a flawless ROI experience. We accomplish this by hiring excellent staff, training them properly, while teaching them a full suite of customer service skills. This process eliminates backlogs, employee turnover, requester complaints and most importantly, inconsistent service.

Additionally, our unique bi-directional web-based platform for processing your ROI and audit request allows requesters to place orders online. Our technology provides full transparency of all your PHI requests for reporting and AOD purposes. This eliminates in-bound status request calls into your facility as well as traditional mail and fax requests. Our goals is to be an asset to you and your facility!

Our Vision

Our vision is to advance the exchange of protected health information by thinking differently about the ROI process through innovations in technology, workflows and quality assurance.

Our Solutions

Our job is to make your job easier. At DMRS we offer the solutions and peace of mind so that you can do what you do best - take care of your patients. The moment you contact DMRS you will understand the priority we put on our services and working relationship. From release of information to shared and customized special services we take care of your needs.

Our Strategy


Pleasant, knowledgeable, well trained and customer-service-above-all-else type employees.


Many of our services are designed so that they can be offered at no cost to your office.


Diversified serves as a protective layer between your office and potential fines.


Diversified also helps by taking the time to review every request multiple times.